The Reason for Survey Fatigue: Why Blue-Collar Workers Are More Prone to Survey Fatigue

By The TruHu Team / February 20, 2024 /

Employee surveys are a crucial tool for insurance brokers to evaluate the effectiveness of their benefit offerings and determine areas for improvement. However, despite their importance, surveys can be met with reluctance and skepticism, especially among blue-collar workers. Survey fatigue refers to the negative sentiment that employees develop towards employer-sponsored surveys, leading to a lack…

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The Reason for Survey Fatigue (And Its Effect On Your Benefits Adoption Rate)

By The TruHu Team / February 13, 2024 /

As an insurance broker, you understand the value of employee benefits and the impact they have on your clients’ businesses. You work tirelessly to recommend the best benefits package that aligns with your client’s goals and budget. But have you noticed a decline in the adoption rate of these suggestions? Are you concerned your suggestions,…

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Communication is the Key to Growth: Q4Live San Diego Review

By Mark Dunahoo / June 30, 2023 /

This month, I had the opportunity to attend Q4Live in San Diego. This event, organized by Q4i, was a great opportunity for industry professionals to challenge norms and explore enhancing their client experience and market presence. Communication emerged as a core theme for self-improvement, successful customer interactions, and effective internal collaboration. Building Trust Through Connectedness…

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Scale Your Company with Leadership Communication

By Pete Yozzo / April 3, 2023 /

Leadership Comms Can Make or Break the Business After founding successful tech start-ups, I’ve learned some things about the importance of focusing on what works. In the early days of each new business, my focus was on survival, including the tactical work of closing sales, designing products, obtaining financing, hiring and firing, swinging the hammer,…

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Tech Can Solve Communication Problems in Construction

By Tom Yozzo / March 2, 2023 /

When working with construction clients, I’ve learned that employees will not use workplace technology unless it’s ridiculously easy. In the tech world, we also know that technology is most effective when it solves a problem.   We’re finding that miscommunication is a big problem in the construction industry. It is the main cause of project conflict…

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Why Good Internal Communication Is Worth It 

By Mark Dunahoo / February 5, 2023 /

I didn’t learn how to communicate when growing up in Buffalo, Iowa. It was a construction and manufacturing town that relied on salt-of-the-earth beliefs like “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” As a young man, I took these beliefs to heart.   As I got older, however, I saw…

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