Security and infrastructure

Keep your employee data secure

Designing something so simple – and yet so secure – wasn’t easy. TruHu adheres to industry standards for integration, data security and infrastructure.

We use a combination of continuous review, frequent testing, robust reporting, and encryption to make sure your information is always secure.

A platform you can trust

Once your data is synched with TruHu, you’re able to communicate with your staff
quickly and easily. But even more importantly – you’ll know that your communications
and your data are safe and secure.

Strict permissions

Data access is given only to employees who need it. And only at the level they need it. An internal team manages any security or infrastructure breaches detected.

Penetration testing

TruHu regularly performs penetration testing with the help of security industry professionals.

Encrypted data

In transit and at rest, data is encrypted for continuous security. We ensure all data is protected, including employee data, file uploads, proprietary content and more.

Security, handled

TruHu uses a cloud-based cybersecurity monitoring tool to maintain the integrity of our security and infrastructure. We continually review, test and maintain platform security and privacy to ensure a safe environment.

Incident reports

Automatic, real-time reporting detects high-severity incidents with a 30-minute targeted response from SOC analysts. A breach of security will be reported within 48 hours, and vulnerabilities will be fixed as soon as possible.

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