Employee Experience is all about communication, engagement, and measurement.

If you’re not talking about Employee Experience, you should be.


Immediately address Employee Experience strategically and tactically

High turnover and low engagement are the greatest challenges plaguing companies today. Yet, most small and midsize businesses lack the tools to solve these problems.

Enter TruHu. TruHu helps small and midsize companies reduce turnover and improve engagement with an affordable employee experience solution designed just for their needs.

The TruHu Approach

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Share company updates and make benefits information easily accessible with Pulse.


Foster stronger employee relationships by continuing to communicate and measure with the TruHu solution.


Gain a better understanding of your employee demographics and identify turnover trends with People Report.

What is Employee Experience?

People are leaving companies at record rates—often due to poor Employee Experience and lack of connection.

But what does that actually mean?

Employee Experience is how companies make employees feel throughout their time at the company.

By prioritizing communication and engagement, companies will improve Employee Experience.

Why Companies Love TruHu

Employees can now make better decisions because they are better educated and informed.”

Kurt C.,
HR Director

“TruHu saves paper and time and ensures my employees have access to company information all the time.”

Lori Y.,
HR Manager

“The TruHu tools help us promote and enhance our company culture.”

Kryssa B.,
Director of Administration