Business operations

Simplify business operations

Our mobile-first platform will improve communications companywide, helping your business operate more productively and efficiently.

Make your staff's lives easier and safer

TruHu will bring your deskless workforce to new levels of connection and engagement


Keep your team updated – fast – with text

Texting is a fast, effective way to deliver urgent business operations messages. Employees will never miss job site updates, weather warnings, plant closures or other important alerts again.

Manage schedules without hassles

Create and disseminate schedules easily with TruHu. Two-way messaging and surveys can be used for scheduling and rescheduling. And then you can post the final schedules on the intranet for easy access.


Train and upskill staff for top-notch performance

Deliver mobile-first microlearning courses when employees need to improve or add new skills. Microtrainings are 6x more effective for trainings, as they boast higher completion and retention rates.

Track tasks

Simple, one-click acknowledgments let you know when team members have completed assigned tasks. No more chasing employees to find out when – or if – they finished the job.


Key Features

Send targeted messages

Segment communications so your business operations team sees only the messages they need to.

No passwords. No apps.

Nothing to download. No passwords memorize. Just one-click access to everything you need.

Send more exciting content

Make your business operations messages more engaging with videos, inforgraphics, photos and audio.

Get acknowledgements

Ensure employees read, engage and comprehend the messages, tasks and training shared.

Strong reporting and analytics

Track progress and performance, and share insights with the team to keep your entire team in the loop.

"Last month we had a real emergency. Thanks to TruHu we got the alert out in under 2 minutes. 60% of our team read it in 30 seconds. We were at 80% within 15 minutes. Then we simply resent to the rest."

Maria L.
Jobsite Supervisor

Make business operations more productive and efficient with the TruHu platform.