Text messaging

Change how you communicate with employees. One text message at a time.

Business text messaging is the best way to keep your entire workforce connected, engaged and informed – from the office, to the field.

Construction worker image surrounded by examples of text messaging that can be sent by HR with the TruHu platform

Maximize engagement when you reach everyone

Text messages get opened 3x more than corporate emails.
Imagine what that could mean for your business.


Deliver critical communications to your “hardest-to-reach” workers

Emergency notifications. Weather warnings. Job site updates. When you send these as text messages, almost 95% are read in seconds by your deskless, remote or frontline workforce.

Create a 2-way dialog between management and staff

Improve morale, performance and job satisfaction when you listen to employees. It's critical that your employees know their voices are heard, even if immediate change isn't always possible.


Millennials prefer texting

Texting is the most used way millennials communicate. These employees are new to the workforce and may not check email at all. TruHu allows you to speak their language… text.

Easily add chat to daily operations

TruHu’s business text messaging platform empowers managers to remain connected and informed regarding employee worksite safety, scheduling, weather alerts or staffing needs. Work more efficiently, and let your team know that you care.

Two construction employees texting about need for help to finish a project

The HR team will love it, too

Our text messaging saves HR hours by allowing them to schedule notices that may get missed over email. Plus, there is no better way to reach a deskless workforce than by texting. Did we mention text gets replies up to 10x faster than email or phone?

Key Features

Schedule texts

Send out team reminders, updates and more at the optimal delivery time.

Send personalized texts

Only send what’s important to employees… by location, department, even language.

Stay dialed-in

Our analytics allow you to view responses in real-time to optimize future comms.

Resend to non-openers – automatically

Ensure your important messages get read, and maximize open rates.

Manage opt-outs

Let staff tell you how they want to be communicated with – opt in or out of text and email.

Maintain contacts, easily

Easily add employees vis upload or API. And know employees data is safe and secure.

Multilingual | Multimedia

Boost employee engagement with videos and infographics, in their native language

"Our assisted care workers are on site and very busy. The phone is the only way to keep our team connected and focused on providing great care for our senior living residents."

Leon H.
Assisted Living Administrator

Change how your business communicates with employees with our business text communication platform.