Improve construction site communication

Remove the barriers between your team and important information. Easy access to jobsite information and company resources via phone helps your team to get projects done faster and reduces rework.

Construction worker image surrounded by examples of text messaging that can be sent by HR with the TruHu platform

A texting tool for construction team communication & training

Learn more about the new way to talk to your team.

Save time and stay organized with trainings and messages that always get opened

Texts are 3x more likely to be opened than emails. And with your employees in the field, it's the simplest and fastest way to reach them.

Example of construction workers' onboarding to do list plus required safety training

Stop paying claims with trackable training

Having a paper trail on every communication the office or foremen send out means being proactive instead of reactive. Mitigate risk with safety acknowledgments and sign-offs.

Get documents signed fast, from anywhere

Deliver signable forms via text. You’ll never have to print another form  or distribute them with unnecessary in-person meetings.

Onboarding 2

Improve your management

Reporting on communication and engagement helps you identify your best managers. These insights give you the ability to monitor and improve management in your teams—and everyone knows better managers lead to higher retention.

No app. No password. No problem!

Getting TruHu is not like installing another platform your employees never use—because there’s no installing at all! Once your workers get their first text, it’s one click, and they’re on their personal employee page. No login or download needed.


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