Employee engagement

High performance begins with strong culture

Understand your team’s needs to drive productivity and reduce turnover. Leverage employee engagement surveys and response data to make better decisions and affect change for your team.

Healthcare worker taking an employee engagement survey on smartphone

Keep your employees engaged

TruHu helps keep your finger on the pulse of company culture with surveys, rich multimedia content and simplified communications. When your workforce is connected, culture can flourish.


Recognize employees and teams in real-time

Create a corporate culture of appreciation with immediate shout-outs when the team does well. Showing employee appreciation starts at the top.

Encourage open communication with 1:1 messaging

Managing employees who aren’t in the same place can be a challenge. Communication and feedback are important. With TruHu texting, managers engage employees from their phones.

Two construction employees texting about need for help to finish a project

Give your staff the voice they deserve

Want to know how employees feel about the company? Their role? How to make the company better? Ask them with surveys. Analyze trends over time to understand relationships between engagement and performance.

Microtraining accelerates productivity... and engagement 

A great way to keep employees motivated is through strong training programs. Mobile-friendly microtraining is one of the best and most effective ways to not only develop your staff and also keep them engaged.


Key Features

Send exciting multimedia content

Drive higher engagement and response with multimedia –videos, infographics, audio, images and more.

Reporting and analytics

Gain insight into how employees think, feel and engage with your content and messaging. Then adjust accordingly.

Two-way communications

Communication is essential for effective teams. Use our text, email and comments tool to get the dialog going across your workforce.

Ready-to-go engagement content

Use TruHu’s prebuilt messages and surveys to inspire your own engagement-focused messaging and questions.

LMS for deskless employees

Engage deskless employees with videos and microtrainings at any location and on any device for maximum impact.

"TruHu is at the center of our employee engagement strategy. Our employees feel more connected than ever, and the higher-ups love me for lowering our turnover over the past 12 months."

Ali R.
HR Administrator

Boost employee engagement with TruHu’s mobile communication platform