Human Resources

HR communications, simplified 

Set employees up for success, reduce company risk and create a positive corporate culture with TruHu.

Woman with examples of HR communication tasks, like onboarding, policy updates, launching new training and issuing handbooks

Keep the “human” in “human resources”

Are you communicating with your workforce in their preferred channels? Deliver the best possible employee experience for open enrollment, onboarding and building culture. Deliver it on mobile.

Sample HR communication plus example of message engagement performance

Keep your team engaged and motivated

HR communications are key to keeping employees engaged. TruHu helps HR professionals connect with employees – even before day one – so they feel informed and understood.

Lower risk. Increase compliance.

TruHu can help you ensure that policy changes, safety updates and compliance-related actions are followed. And with acknowledgements, you’ll know who read your communications, who participated in the training – and who didn’t. Long before costly legal gets involved.


Make choosing benefits easier

TruHu can help ensure that all HR communications about benefits – open enrollment, plan updates plans, and even choosing the benefits – are simplified. Best of all, they view all of their benefits right from their phone.

Amp up company culture

Maintain healthy communication habits by providing employees with avenues for dialog, feedback and updates that help them stay connected to your brand, culture, and values.


Put HR communications in every worker’s pocket

Are you having a hard time reaching remote, mobile or deskless employees? Our mobile-first platform puts benefits, trainings, policies, guidelines and other important information right in the palm of their hand.

Features that matter

See your open rates

Stop wondering if employees read critical HR communications. Know who reads your text and emails.

Easy to setup and use

Pulse is easy to learn and easy to use. Set up and launch communications, surveys and intranet in minutes, not days.

Send exciting content

Enhance your messages and drive response with rich media content like images, videos, infographics and PDFs.

No passwords. No apps.

Employees can access the everything with a single click or tap. No passwords or downloads required.

Be multilingual

Engage everyone from the home office to the frontline with comms in their native language.

Segment comms

Tailor communications and information based on location, language, role or department.

All-in-one solution

TruHu’s robust communication and engagement suite will keep your organization connected.

"It's not only what you communicate, it’s also how you reach your people. TruHu is the best way I've seen to simply and quickly reach employees where they live…and that's on their phones."

Leah R.
HR Director

How TruHu supports HR

Onboarding made simpler

New hires can get started no matter where they are – even before day one – with TruHu. Shorten their time to productivity and make their start date a more positive experience.

Train and upskill staff for top-notch performance

Share microlearning courses – snackable content that employees can watch on a mobile phone. You’ll always have visibility into participation and performance in real-time. No more restrictions by classroom settings or calendar schedules.

Get your message delivered via text 

It’s happening. Companywide emails no longer get opened and read. Increase your HR communications “open rate” by 3x or more by texting instead.

Empower employees with self-service intranet

Empower your staff to address their questions with easy mobile access to all your company's services, resources, and benefits information. All available at the tap of a button on their mobile phone.

Task management 

Assign tasks, training and compliance courses – and get acknowledgements when they’re done.

Data integrations

You and the IT team will love TruHu. Quickly and easily import employee data from payroll or HRIS.

Let them give feedback through surveys

TruHu allows you to effortlessly launch employee surveys, allowing employees’ thoughts, needs and feelings to be heard. Use that data to make better decisions and improve engagement.

Experience how TruHu helps HR create a more connected, informed and engaged workforce