Insurance Advisor

Demonstrate value like never before

Insurance advisors’ offerings can be underused, particularly by deskless employees. TruHu’s platform helps employees get the most out of your services on all their devices.


Drive value the Truly Human way


Win more business

Many advisors neglect to strategically engage hard-to-reach employees, making benefits education & safety efforts less impactful. TruHu makes it easy to call out incumbent brokers that underserve their clients.

Create operational efficiencies

Scale your solutions across your entire client base. Bring all your solutions into a single central hub and deploy it with the click of a button. Reduce the workload for your admin and service teams, and boost your ability to deliver your distinct expertise to each client.


Deepen relationships

Facilitate employee communication to become essential to your clients’ daily workflows. By engaging with you this way clients are more likely to use the full breadth of services you provide, and fosters loyalty.

Insulate clients against risk

Capture and report on critical employee communications and tasks. Deliver safety and compliance communications to all employees. TruHu’s robust reporting makes it easy to advocate for your employer during an employee claim or dispute.


Robust product features


Automate and track the mobile delivery of files and forms, allowing for efficient information gathering and a short onboarding cycle for new hires.


Personalize the employee experience with secure, one-click access and configurable mobile pages to drive benefits engagement and awareness of your services.


Our 'No-Teach' training solution delivers bite-sized, text-delivered learning in a Non-SCORM design, simplifying professional development.


Our text-delivered benefits surveys feature easy reporting and a simple interface, promoting a better understanding of employee needs.


Use scheduled, text-delivered content to ensure effective and timely communication within all organizations, especially those with deskless employees.

Features Insurance Advisors love

Anywhere access

Deliver a truly human experience with comms to employees’ phones, laptops or tablets – anytime, anywhere.

Easy to learn and use

TruHu’s simple, intuitive publishing allows you and your accounts to launch communications in minutes.

Multilingual friendly

Reach all employees in dozens of languages with communications and trainings right to their smartphones.

No passwords. No apps.

With text and a web-based intranet, there is nothing for employees to download or memorize.

Measurement and tracking

Know who viewed content, completed assignments and maintain compliance. Helps with indemnification and legal negotiations.

Personalization and segmentation

Send employees only what they need to know. Segment communications based on their location, role, language or department.

Get information anywhere

No more calls or chasing employees with a clipboard. Employees complete forms, checklists and more – right from their phone.

“The improvement in communication having TruHu is huge. My time saved answering emails, text messages, and phone calls by employees has dropped by 2-3 hours daily."

Michael R.
Account Manager

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