Internal communications

Simply send internal communications

Are you communicating with your deskless workforce in the way they want? Give all employees – in-office, non-desk, remote – the best employee experience possible. On mobile.

Example leadership promotion internal communication to employees surrounded by congratulatory texts

Boost internal communications’ effectiveness

Send comms right to employees’ phones, where they’re most likely to read it. Plus, you can measure your messages’ performance and show your results.


Modernize employee communications

Companywide emails rarely get read, let alone opened. Replace inefficient communication with TruHu so you can connect with deskless and on-the-go employees where they are – on their phones.

Be prepared

In the event of an emergency or crisis – be it health, weather, safety, staffing – you’ll be able to alert everyone in the company within a matter of minutes.


Build your brand and your culture

Recognize employee achievements in real-time. Communicate your company’s vision and mission from the top down. Create alignment around goals, so all employees feel a shared sense of purpose. All done easily, with TruHu.

Communicate change effectively

Change isn’t always easy. TruHu allows you to communicate business and organizational updates quickly and confidently. Plus, provide employees easy access to resources needed to understand and manage change.


Track, measure and demonstrate value

TruHu’s measurement and analytics features prove how effective your internal communications have been at inspiring, engaging and informing your deskless and in-office teams.

Features that matter

Send exciting content

Use all forms of multimedia to create more engaging messages that generates greater response. Videos, images, infographics audio, and more.

Send multilingual comms

Reach everyone from the executive team to employees in the field on their smartphone, with communications in the native language of your team members.

Segmentation = Relevance

Send employees more relevant messages and only what they need to know when you segment communications based on location, role or department.

Measurement & Analytics

Stop wondering if employees read critical internal comms. Understand text and email performance for stronger communications.

No passwords. No apps.

Nothing to download. Nothing to memorize. Employees enjoy one-access to the intranet, training and messages… all on their phone.

“The improvement in communication having TruHu Pulse is huge. My time spent answering emails, text messages and phone calls by employees has dropped by 2-3 hours daily."

Kurt C.
HR Manager

How TruHu supports internal communications

Put the intranet into staff’s hands

Empower your team with self-service. Benefits, policies, resources, trainings – all fingertip accessible on their mobile phone.

Get your message delivered via text

Keep your in-office and deskless workforces up-to-date with text alerts and updates – right on their phone.

Let them give feedback through surveys

Surveys allow employees to share what matters to them. Use that data to make more informed decisions and improve engagement.

Deliver microtrainings

Send staff microtrainings that can be viewed and completed on a mobile phone. You’ll always have visibility on who is and isn’t participating – in real-time.

Learn how Internal Communications teams uses TruHu every day to communicate and engage employees