IT managers

The easiest way to close the communication gap for deskless staff

Streamline companywide communications and intranet access with a secure, mobile-first platform. TruHu offers text, microtraining, intranet, surveys and more.

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Enable a digital workforce

Modernize the way your company onboards, engages and communicates with remote and deskless employees. All with minimal IT manager support.


All-in-one, turnkey solution

Secure and reliable, TruHu is a cloud-based communication solution that integrates seamlessly with payroll and HRIS technologies. Other teams can launch communications in minutes, without support from IT.

Eliminate dependency on
IT managers 

No code for integration. No apps to download. Better access to intranet resources. All of this means fewer tickets for IT, and more freedom for IT staff.


Improve companywide communications

TruHu helps HR teams, internal comms teams and executives alike connect with employees on any device they choose: laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. In the office or in the field.

Features IT managers like

Security, handled

Platform security and privacy – are continually maintained, reviewed, and tested.

Penetration testing

TruHu regularly performs penetration testing with the help of security industry professionals.

Incident response

A breach of security will be communicated within 48 hours, and vulnerabilities will be fixed as soon as possible.

Strict permissions

Data access is given only to employees who need it. And only at the level they need it.

Minimize tech support

Because TruHu is simple, intuitive and a no-code implementation, it requires minimal IT support.

Showcase your brand

Customizing all communications with the company logo and colors provides a better employee experience.

Encrypted data

You and your company will always stay connected with TruHu’s communication and engagement suite.

No passwords, no apps

Enhance employee communications without incurring overhead costs associated with employee apps.

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