New hire experience 

Make the new hire experience simpler – for everyone

First impressions are everything. TruHu helps get new employees productive, right from day one, with powerful onboarding, compliance & microlearning tools

Woman talking to an employee surrounded by example new hire experiences, including survey, welcome video and task list

The best experience for new hires

Create an experience that teaches your employees job-specific skills, gets their forms filled out easily, and gets them trained and knowledgeable faster than ever.

Example of construction workers' onboarding to do list plus required safety training

Train and upskill staff with microlearning

Create microtrainings – snackable, bite-sized trainings – that can be taken on any smartphone. You’ll always have visibility into result and which new hires are participating and which aren't,  in real-time.

Onboarding made easy

TruHu streamlines the process of filling out forms with text and email delivery plus e-signature, making new employee onboarding a breeze. And your team can complete onboarding, anytime, anywhere – even on their phone.


Introduce corporate culture from day 1

Build a successful, value-based organization by sharing videos of execs discussing the company vision, company values, and more to introduce the company’s culture right from the start.

Put the intranet into employees’ hands, too

Empower your new hires with self-service. Centralize access to benefits, employee handbook, payroll, policies, resources – all available at the tap of a button on their mobile phone.


Use surveys to improve onboarding

TruHu’s survey tool allows you to see how employees engage with your new hire communications and training content. Optimize and improve where needed so you can deliver a great employee experience.

Key Features

Make training exciting

Improve your training materials  with multimedia. Use videos, infographics, audio  and more to engage your staff.

Mobile form completion

Get the information you need faster by delivering forms in a way that’s easy to receive and quick to complete.

Preloaded content for new hires

TruHu’s prebuilt surveys and messages give HR teams an excellent starting point for new-hire content.

Get acknowledgments

Sign-offs allow you to get quick confirmation that employees have completed tasks with a checkbox acknowledgment.

Automate delivery

Schedule delivery of your messages, trainings and forms. Easily remind those who fail to complete them on time.

"Getting new employees up to speed and feeling part of the company got so much easier with TruHu. From welcome messages, to paperwork, to new hire trainings on their phones, it's been incredible!"

Angela O.
Head of HR

Give your new hires the simplest, best experience possible