A Human Story

Throughout my career, I’ve been intimately aware of and connected to the problems inherent to small companies, especially those problems associated with employee satisfaction and productivity.

As the CEO and founder of a HR Tech company that served over 100,000 employers, I discovered a real discrepancy between the larger company employee experience and the smaller company experience. Small companies were losing their employees, not necessarily for higher pay, but for a better employee experience.

With time to reflect, I became more and more intrigued in solving the problems smaller companies face in keeping their teams motivated and productive. It’s clear to me now that employee experience is the difference between success and failure.

Large companies such as Salesforce, Disney, and Workday make a clear commitment to engage their employees. As a result, their turnover is much lower, their cultures are sought after, and their employees are more engaged at both the onboarding phase and beyond. They have done the math and figured out that it’s good business to invest in employee experience.

The inspiration for Truly Human Inc. was born.

The time has come to level the playing field and provide every business the tools previously reserved only for the largest companies. The return on investment is clear and the impact on company culture is too important to ignore.

That’s why I joined forces with Cathy Reilly and Tim Farnan, both accomplished HR tech founders. Together we launched Truly Human Inc. (TruHu), to make an amazing employee experience possible for the rest of us.

Pete Yozzo, CEO

Who We Are

TruHu (Truly Human, Inc.) was started in 2019 with a simple but powerful goal: help make an amazing employee experience possible at every company, regardless of size or industry. We at TruHu know that companies that deliver an exceptional employee experience enjoy greater productivity, reduced turnover and a stronger culture.

Developed by former benefits brokers and successful HR Tech entrepreneurs—including the founder of both Blaise Software (now part of Ebix) and ThinkHR—TruHu provides Brokers and Employers with simple tools that help them onboard, manage, and analyze their workforce.

TruHu's first product is Pulse, which provides employers with a mobile-first way to keep employees connected, engaged, and productive, no matter where they are.

Leadership Team

Pete Yozzo

Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Reilly

Chief Knowledge Officer

Tim Farnan

Chief Technology Officer

Joy Justus

Chief Growth Officer

Chris Greco

EVP of Marketing and CS