Increase engagement with TruHu

The TruHu Approach

TruHu People Report and TruHu Pulse combine to form a comprehensive Employee Experience solution. Measure employee engagement and simplify employee communications, all in one platform.


Pulse is easy-to-use, flexible, and highly customizable, helping companies address a wide variety of HR and benefit communication challenges.

People Report harnesses your company’s existing data so you can monitor trends over time to address areas of weakness and celebrate improvements.

TruHu Pulse

Communicate and Engage

Dynamic Messaging

Enable HR professionals to send and track communications to employees in the office, at home, or in the field—on either company or personal devices.


Provide employees with one-click access to benefits, policies, trainings, safety, and more. No more hunting for links—all information is in one place.


Unlock employee insights with survey feedback—giving HR the information they need to improve Employee Experience.


Quickly and easily distribute video content for enrollment recordings, employee onboarding, safety, and more, with viewing analytics and employee acknowledgment of receipt and understanding.

TruHu People Report

Measure What Matters


Review employee survey results to find out what they’re experiencing at work so you can take action.


Identify turnover trends so the executive team can actively reduce turnover rates.


Gain a better understanding of the people on your team so you can best serve their needs.