Increase engagement with TruHu

Work with your distributed team like never before

Send and receive alerts, training, files, onboarding materials and critical communications directly to your team on the device they prefer—their phone.


Use a modern, accessible intranet

Connect every employee in your organization to the information, training and resources they need to thrive.

  • Save time with employee self-service.
  • Build secure portals with no password or download required.
  • Make benefits easy to understand.

Increase your communication open rates

Text messaging is a more effective way to communicate. Use it for a more informed and engaged workforce.

  • Send messages through text, email, or both.
  • Give access to messages, surveys, portals and more.
  • Drive open enrollment participation.

Create a culture of learning and growth

Assist your teams in becoming productive contributors to your company's success by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need.

  • Build and deploy coursework with no formal training.
  • Train employees without depending on a computer.
  • Maintain training records long-term to prevent costly legal issues.

Make sure your team is heard

Get a pulse on your team with our mobile-first survey product. Track these results over time, and use your learnings to drive engagement.

  • Access a library of employee-focused surveys.
  • Start benchmarking employee responses.
  • Use employee feedback to identify issues that drive turnover.

Integrate and save time